Planning to give a competitive exam but not know when to start? Not to worry, we here at NearbyCoaching, have got you covered! Here are the WHW, the when, how, and which of giving a competitive exam, and the best time to prepare for competitive exams.


We live in a world where the sooner you start, the better you are. Because why not? Getting a head start over everyone else puts you a few steps ahead in this race. And when I say race, I literally mean a race. Everybody is trying to overtake everyone else to reach their goals. If you become complacent about it, you start to fall behind. Hence it is horse sense to be the one who takes the first step earliest.

But there is a right time for everything. Starting too early can be detrimental because when the D-day arrives where you have to give it everything with what you have got, you will be saturated. With all the preparation, with all the tension building up to it. Saturated for a month or maybe more, with no productive preparation towards the exam because you have done it all. Even if you have the will, you might fail.

Thus, it becomes imperative to find the right balance, not too late but not that early altogether. To arm yourself in the best way for the uphill task of clearing that competitive exam. Get started to prepare for competitive exams.

Although the preparation time for such exams varies from person to person, keeping the mentioned points in mind, the common consensus is that the preparation should begin a year before. This amount of time would be sufficient to comprehend the syllabus and get you in the right mindset. No course and no concept are complicated enough that it is unsolvable even in a year. However, there are some tips and tricks that you can have up your sleeve to get a head-head start!


The most important tip (which has also become more of a cliché nowadays) is the zeal to crack that exam. Success is as the Mike Shinoda song (Remember the Name) goes, "10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will with 5% pleasure, and 50% pain." 

Here are some other tips and tricks to help you through the preparation phase:

  1. Make a timetable. Planning and execution of the plan are half the job done. If you are in school, adjust it accordingly. Accommodate time for tuition, self-study (which is of prime importance), and recreation. As the proverbial saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! Try to avoid studying at odd times and have a good sleep.

  1. Avoid studying at stretches. It is imperative to take a break. Your efficiency would decrease and would also make you increasingly tired by sitting for long hours.

  1. Never be ashamed to clarify your doubts, even though it is the silliest. Interdict being embarrassed by people mocking you, for you will show them when the time is ripe.

  1. Remain calm and be patient. As John Heywood said, Rome wasn't built in a day. Mock tests during preparation may or may not yield expected results. It is imperative during this time to be patient and keep working, and not get demotivated. 

  1. Meditate. Meditation will help you develop the right mindset and help you get riddance of all the stress related to the exam. It will also help develop patience and resilience against panic during the exams or when things are not going your way.

  1. Finally, join a coaching institute if feasible. These are a lot of help and will always be a good option for guidance. They could be your stepping stone to success, with the materials provided and the great tutors to teach you. 


 If you opt for a coaching institute, selecting the best coaching institute for you is the first important step. They will be your companions for the foreseeable future. Keeping these ideas in mind, here are some suggestions to find a coaching institute:

  1. Ask your friends and family members who might have attended a coaching institute before. They could help you shortlist a few. If these institutes have a website, you can visit them to get an idea about their records and testimonials. You can get an idea of the faculty there, their qualifications, experience, etc.

  1. Take a demo class if possible. The coaching institute should be according to your comfort. The teaching pedagogy of the institute, sometimes even the infrastructure-are factors for consideration.

  1. Culture of the institute. It is necessary to have a sound environment in an institute to focus on your studies with minimum distractions. Commitment towards the student, your classmates that study alongside, make it a conducive environment for focusing.

  1. Test series. Test series are aspects of any entrance or competitive exams. Take as many tests as possible. It will get you in the right mindset besides helping you analyze your preparations from time to time. The coaching institute should provide sufficient testing material for the same.

Finally, it may seem a bit trivial, but significant is accessibility. It would be beneficial and a time-saving strategy if the institute is near. Self-study is an important aspect to prepare for competitive exams. There is no point in going to an institute if it does not leave you enough time to study yourself.


Q1) Which career should I choose?

Your career is your choice. Do not rush into anything. Research about every field, specifically the ones you think that you have an interest in, and arrive at your decision. Consult your parents and elders.

Q2) Any other considerations while selecting a coaching institute?

It may vary from person to person as the requirements may be multifarious. You can also enquire about the batch timings, fee structure, hostel facility, and the number of students in a class. Some coaching institutes even provide a one-on-one consultation and guidance program.

Q3) What happens if I don't clear the exam on the first attempt?

Firstly, having the right mindset is half the battle won. Do not start with a negative attitude. Give it you're all.

Secondly, even if you fail to clear the exam, there is always a tomorrow. Don't fret over it, and start afresh with the knowledge and experience you have gained along the journey. Give it another go!

Q4) Will starting earlier than a year do me any good?

Although a year is sufficient for preparation, it can vary from person to person. You know your comprehensive and grasping abilities, an idea about your determination. If it feels like an extra year would do you good, then take it.

Q5) How do I get the quality assurance of the institute?

Past testimonials of students and parents should consolidate the quality of the institute. The record of that institute for the competitive exam you are applying for would also work as a good benchmark.


These are the WHW of selecting the coaching institute that is right for you. But once selected, it all comes down to an individual's perseverance. Institutes can show the path, but it is you who must walk it. So get up and get going, find the right coaching institute, and prepare for competitive exams.

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