Looking at the current scenario where a famous movie star committed suicide, when allegedly faced with rejection/mental lynching poses some very important questions in front of individuals/start-ups- How important does achieving your goals become? How important is it to keep up the facade of persistence? When is your persistence going to pay off? Whether its Ok to tell yourself to stop and move on?

I have personally faced this challenge and the mental turmoil that one goes through while telling oneself to quit becomes the only sane thing to do in order to save oneself from further depletion of resources (can be mental resources too). Being an achiever all life, quitting was never an option, nor was I faced with such a crucial decision where I needed to quit. However, with the changes brought in by the government and other outer factors which affect a business’s sustainability and longevity, affected my venture tremendously, which had started off really well initially. I had to go through a phase where I had to convince myself more, than the others, about quitting it and starting something afresh in order to keep my sanity in check. No doubt, the period was exhausting, but I had to keep the resilience to tell myself that something better is further ahead and even if I could not persevere, it was OK and that there were certain phenomenon that were out of my hands. I wont lie, I did go through the phase where I felt immensely negative and mind you, I still go through the same sometimes. But its only the non-thinking over the past failure that keeps me going on and trying new things for the sake of my sanity. I do look at profits, that is important, but more than profits I look at the challenge that the new venture poses to me intellectually, that drives me even further.

This post isn’t meant to be a rant. Instead its aim is to provide the strength to individuals and start-ups to not shy away from experimenting in life and to take up new challenges even when faced with failure in a previous challenge. Life is all about learning at the end, and quitting life or its challenges is not the solution. You have to trust the process and just tell yourself that a few months/years down the line, this will be the least of my problems.


Soldier on.. always soldier on..

–By A Survivor

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