Exam phobia is a phenomenon that gets to the best of us.

Fear of certainty and being judged even by a computer bot is something that is scary and can make any of us lose our sleep.

Here are some tips by an ex-IAS aspirant that might help one in overcoming one’s exam phobia and get a good night’s sleep:

1.Don’t compare your first chapter to someone’s 22nd.I remember that when I started this UPSC journey I was clueless as a novice and didn’t have any prior knowledge base too. But you build it brick by brick, day by day, sweat by sweat, night by night. It doesn’t happen in a day. But it happens, for sure. Be patient

2.Don’t fear this exam. Face it head on. I tell you from experience that it is less of a knowledge exam and more about your composure and nerves.

3.Make your book-list and stay dedicated to it – Don’t be fooled by what someone advertises or everyone is reading.

4. Be ready for atleast 2 years of grind- day in and day out. Though it’s all more than worth it in the end.

5. If possible, try not to start a new relationship at this point.

6.Don’t let anyone’s discouragement to play on your mind– I remember that everyone said to me that you can’t prepare from home, without coaching, away from competitive environment of Delhi bit still I prepared exclusively from home.

7.Don’t start acting like you have already cleared UPSC – I mean some think that UPSC preparation is an end in itself.

8.And last and most importantly, be original and full of fire. If you believe it, there is no stopping you. Best of luck.

And don’t run after ANY topper. Not me, not anyone. Don’t just follow them on instagram and keep dreaming. It doesn’t help you dear. Be your own light and sunshine.

Be cocky in prediction, confident in preparation but humble in victory or defeat!!

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  1. Jamesruide

    Very beneficial, looking forwards to coming back.