Resolving to take an entrance exam, to go through the preparation and finally to crack it is a courageous as well as a tedious task. Most of the students fail at the very nascent stage where the fear of rejection and not making it in the list grips them and hampers their confidence. Whereas others still venture on, some lose motivation on the way, while others strive to stay relevant and make it at the end. In this whole process, it is imperative to choose the right kind of coaching center to mould oneself properly and to remain focused. We have categorized various coaching institutions based on their longevity in the business vis-à-vis their relevance with respect to the faculty and course material.

Category Longevity in Business Faculty  & Course Material Strength of the Class Cost Should you Choose?


Has been present for the longest time (more than 7 years)- Generally the Czars of the coaching business- has innumerable centres all over India. The Top faculty is quite known- have been involved in the structuring of the course material- and have practically grown up with the transformations in these exams. However, their classes are limited. Others are recruited on hourly basis and changed often. The course material has been prepared extensively during initial years but are not refreshed as often as one would like. The strength of the class would range between 100-500 students. Only some would be genuinely interested in the lecture, others would attend for other perks. Special attention would be lost concept, and one would be expected to understand 70 percent of the course taught. Admitting oneself into an A category institute would be an expensive affair, as discounts are not generally offered keeping in mind the repute and the goodwill in the business.


a) If you are a top-notch student-first in class.

b) Have no problems studying in huge groups- in fact you would love to show off your knowledge.

c) You do not mind paying extra for the brand name and other perks.


a) If you are not confident about studying in big groups.

b) If you have a restricted budget.

c) If the travelling time is more than you can spare.


Relatively new in Business (2-5 years) but has the backup of a strong line of investors- has more online presence than brick and mortar format. Faculty is relatively new with only a few years’ experience in the field. Has a more permanent foundation as far as the faculty is concerned. The course material is robust with a greater inclination towards online involvement of the students. This category also likes to keep the strength of the class high as the line of investors are involved to review the balance sheet. The strength would range between 100-300 students. The cost would be lower than the A category institutes, however they would try to cross-sell their online products. Thus, the student would end up spending as much as in an A category institute.


a) If you are highly tech driven and are constantly searching for solutions or new methods to a particular problem online.

b) If you do not mind having a big group to study in.

c) You do not mind paying extra for the online perks.




a) If you are not Tech savvy.

b) You want to limit your budget.

c) You will not be able to cope in a big group.





New in Business (1 to 2 years) and are striving to make a mark. New faculty, more or less student faculty- who want to get hands-on experience of the art, have immense knowledge of the trade, since they have been through the grind, very recently. Course material is a mixture of novice as well as experienced material- mostly book based. The strength of the class is rather small with 20-50 students, as getting students to crack the exam is the main motive of these institutes- in order to make their mark. They keep small batch size for focused attention and are willing to go that extra mile for their students. These are budget friendly centres who do not promise extravagant infrastructure, online presence etc, but are in fact motivated to make you succeed.


a) If you are comfortable going for a novice rather than a brand name.

b) If the perks do not attract you and you are more focussed on the result.

c) If you are comfortable in a small group.



a) If you want a more structured approach to things.

b) If you are looking for a brand name for your preparation.

c) If you want greater online help.


Purely Online Presence (Videos, Live Videos, Online Course material, Tests) – Relatively New in Business Faculty is not permanent, since their student base is also not permanent. They have a set course material, which can be explained on camera by any standing faculty available. Course material is self-made by the centre, as it is the material that they can rely on in order to make themselves stand out. Not applicable in this category. This is a budgetary and a more pocket friendly option for the students.


a) If you are tech-savvy.

b) If you already have a prior experience preparing for the same.

c) If you are budget conscious.



a) If you need a teacher-student experience to understand concepts better.

b) If budget is not a concern.

c) If you want focused attention and a robust structure to your preparation.


All The Best!! Hope you Choose Wisely!!

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