Are You Wondering How to Score Good Marks in 12th Boards?

An Interview was Conducted with one of the Toppers of Class 12th CBSE Board- Let’s Learn the techniques he adopted to achieve success!A picture of Bhavya Aggarwal class 12th CBSE board topper explains his techniques of how to score good marks

Q- So firstly, how much you scored in your 12th CBSE boards? And how are you feeling after such a great score?

A- I scored 97.4% in commerce stream and the moment I saw the result I started calculating my best 4 scores to see if I’ll be able to meet the cutoff of my dream college, SRCC and since it was above the previous year’s cutoff I took a sigh of relief. The feeling that day was the best I ever had, a feeling of accomplishment after 1 complete year of hard work​​.

Q- Was it a daunting task and how was your preparation?

A- No, to say the task daunting will be too much exaggeration, any student who is regular in his studies and pays attention in class can achieve this. My preparations started from day 1 of class 11, from getting my foundation strong to class 12 board exams. In class 12 I tried to be regular and maintained synopsis notebook for subjects like accounts and ​business studies​ in which I used to write the concepts that were taught in school after reading the text from the book and afterwards attempt the questions that were given in homework and this was my schedule every day, revise what was taught in class, do homework and then I would call it a day since I took no tuition classes. I started solving sample papers of all the subjects starting from September for the part of the syllabus that was covered by then and starting January started solving question papers in 3 hours, the time that is allotted for attempting board papers.

Q- As provides individual doubt classes for students, do you feel doubt classes make a difference?

A- Yes, that would, in fact, make a huge difference since I am a person who never took coaching classes and one thing that I missed because of that was to get the doubts solved especially during exam preparatory leaves, during that time we visited the school once a week and till then to sit with unsolved doubts was concerning, since it added to my mental pressure.

Q- Do you feel a personal mentor adds to the score?

A- Yes, definitely personal mentor will add to the score. For me, this personal mentor was my brother. A mentor not only helps in getting study-related queries resolved but they can also make a difference by providing you motivation exactly at the time you need and get you going before it’s too late.

Q- How do you feel online classes can help students in this time of Covid19 pandemic?

A- Online classes are the only solution that students have as of now considering the current situation and having taken them myself I can say that they are successful as well if we keep the effects on eye and other medical problem aside. I recommended my cousin to take Online Classes during this Pandemic and find a tutor in the absence of regular school, who would understand his needs and tutor him to become better in Mathematics and Science. Thankfully came to the rescue, and my cousin has started taking regular online classes at ACM classes through nearbycoaching, which he really likes. There is assurance of and the classes are going great, with Mr. Amit as his faculty, its truly inspiring.

Q- What would you like ​to tell ​the students who will be taking the exam this year?

A- I would say that since you are not going to school you will miss out on a lot of activities. Utilise the extra time that gets saved, since you won’t be travelling to school, in solving extra papers and revising the syllabus again and again. Apart from this in order to compensate for the activities you are losing out on, you can take up some online courses or internships in your field of interest. Remember that perseverance and smart work is the key to success, nobody knows what future hold for them, just keep putting in efforts and assure yourself that no matter what the result would be, you will not regret that you didn’t put enough effort for your goal.​

– Bhavay Aggarwal

Score in CBSE Class 12th Boards : 98.5% (2019)

Stream: Commerce with Mathematics

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