Here is a testimony of a person affected by the ongoing Pandemic caused by Novel Corona Virus.

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Experienced a sudden dearth of uncertainty as I was unable to manage to all my expenses. CMIE reported that 100 million people lost their jobs due to lockdown and subsequent zeroing of revenue for the businesses. And I was one of those unfortunate 100 million.
But this was not the act of God instead my personal choice to go for private jobs over public. That hunt for extra income for just a moment costed me my livelihood, and who knows when this will all be over. 
Aside this I looked outside and got to know that several people are still doing their job , yet full of dangers but able to support their families and their livelihood. And they were public servants which I had the choice to become one but I didn’t. In this uncharted territory, I urge myself to try my best for public jobs this year and get secure for whole my life.
This will be saving and serving my family’s very purpose of serving the public and help in nation building.
Therefore, I urge you to go public and serve for better security. Yes, I agree that many government servants are being asked to take salary cuts, but that is just momentary. A lot of private firms like mine have let go of the staff, which increases the fear in the public.
And I didn’t mean that private job employees don’t serve and build nation, they do as this is needed . But for greater security , I urge you to go public.
Disclaimer- The views presented are completely personal and are not meant to harm any sentiments or rouse any controversy.

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