Below are the few points which one should check before you opt for one.


1. Integrity – What do you know about the site owner and instructors?You should be able to cross-reference the people named in the site pages. Do a Google Search on the teachers and website/course owners. Look at their profiles on LinkedIn or any other publicly available sites. Does their online presence match their credentials? Do their credentials meet your expectations?


2. Quality – Read your instructor’s blogs, view his/her presentations.This should give you a feel of his or her overall skill level, writing ability, and teaching style. Does the content and quality meet your expectations? Is his/her style vibrant and engaging? (Note: Online instructors should have a presence in social media. Not having a presence may be a red flag.)


3. Teaching Experience – What teaching experience does your instructor have? Has he/she taught at the corporate or university level? Look for individuals that understand and have experience teaching adult learners.


4. Course Content – Read the detailed course descriptionThe description conveys the course objectives and what you can expect to learn. The outline provides an example of the tools you will be using such as lectures, discussion forums, quizzes, and assignments. Do you have access to enough information to make a decision about the course content and format? Does the course content match what you need? If the description does not match, neither will the course.


5. Course Materials – if there is an additional course material that is needed, please check again with the website. The online course should not be requiring any extra books/course material, unless you opt for one.


6. Price – When comparing price, look at the number of weeks, any discounts or promotions, and most importantly, the topics that will be covered during the course.


7.Ratings & Reviews – Read publicly available reviews, survey results, or testimonials from prior students. There’s nothing like a referral to help you make a decision.


8. Contact Us – The site should provide Contact information to address = your specific questions and comments.





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